My name is Kendra and I am Mom to a bad ass little girl that brings a smile to the face of everyone she meets. She is my greatest accomplishment and the best gift ever bestowed to me. I am also a PADI Open Water Dive Instructor in gorgeous Sarasota, FL. With a background in Marine Biology, the ocean has been a passion of mine for over 25 years.


Diving is a dream job for me. It allows me to work outside instead of an office, it allows me to be the front line for conservation and environmentalism and it allows me to bring others into a world that so few ever visit.  More divers means more ocean advocates.

Most importantly, diving let's me be the example I want to be for my daughter. I want her to see a strong, assertive woman in a typically male driven field. I want her to know that if you want something bad enough, you do it and you never let what others think drive your decisions. I hope that she will see my passion for our oceans and the environment and she will generate a passion for these herself. 

One of my biggest passion projects is bringing more women into diving. Only about 30% of divers are women and I want to see that number grow! By a lot! That's why I've started my Women in Diving Initiative at the dive shop I work with (Florida Underwater Sports. Quite frankly, the best dive shop to work with). Here you will find my experiences, upcoming events and other topics that I find interesting. I hope you will too! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for some new adventures!

Gulf of Mexico diving

Photo Credit: Lauren Kabat

I am a mom, wife and scuba diver in Sarasota, Fl and I love to share my experience with others. I'm hoping to inspire other women and moms to take the plunge into this amazing underwater world.