• Kendra Richardson

2018 Women's Dive Day

Updated: May 15, 2018

Women's Dive Day 2018

Since 2015 PADI has celebrated women divers with the PADI Women's Dive Day. This year it occurs on July 21 (save that date!) and I have been honored with coordinating the event through Florida Underwater Sports here in Sarasota. To say that I am THRILLED is an understatement! In case you haven't picked up on it....supporting women in diving and encouraging more women to become divers is kind of my jam. My Women in Diving Initiative is my local passion project after all. I won't be happy until girls that scuba reach epic numbers.

Though the gender gap is getting smaller and smaller every year, women still represent less than 40% of world divers. Fortunately, there are some kick ass ladies and organizations out there that are doing their part to make diving a sport more female friendly. Girls that Scuba, for example, is a Facebook group made just for women divers. It 's a VERY supportive community and it is super cool to see/hear all the dive stories from women across the globe.

PADI is taking a hands on approach by bringing women divers together and encouraging women to dive into diving with their yearly Women's Dive Day event. On this fine day in July, women all around the world meet with their local counterparts to enjoy one of their favorite things, the ocean. More importantly (at least in my opinion), they are getting together to foster a strong community of women. Something much needed in this world.

Bare with me as I go off on a tangent here for a minute...It's tough being a women y'all. We are subject to judgement at every corner. Judgement from men (who here hasn't heard comments about women's body parts or emotional state?), judgement from ourselves (If I look at my stomach in the mirror one more time and judge it, I may loose it!) and judgement from other women (the greatest atrocity of all in my opinion). How many times have you heard women be "catty" to other women or heard gossip about other women? ALL THE TIME! It's infuriating! Ok. End tangent.

Here's one of the best things about diving, it's a community of people who support each other. Can you imagine? Divers don't care what color you are, what religion you are, what your political standpoints are or what genitalia you have (well most don't). All divers care about is getting in the water and enjoying the ocean and all the life in it. And that's what Women's Dive Day is all about. A community of women coming together united by their love of the ocean and all that lives in it.

Need more reasons to join your local Women's Dive Day event? Check out this blog post from PADI!


For my local friends! I hope to see you here in Sarasota, on July 21st!



I am a mom, wife and scuba diver in Sarasota, Fl and I love to share my experience with others. I'm hoping to inspire other women and moms to take the plunge into this amazing underwater world.