• Kendra Richardson

Addicted to Scuba Diving?

Updated: May 15, 2018

The amazing Allison V. & Kendra R. joyful to be #outdiving

What’s that old saying? You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone? Well never have I ever understood that more than these past few weeks! After a series of unfortunate events and bad weather here in Sarasota, it has been WEEKS since I have done any quality diving. WEEKS!!! As much as I would love to pick up and take an amazing dive vacation, family life does not allow. I never knew how much I depended on the sun and the sea until I haven’t been in it the way I would like. Now granted, I’ve had plenty of students during that time frame. But, shore diving in -17 feet visibility pales in comparison to being on the boat diving one of our many mitigation reefs and seeing (like actually seeing) my many fishy friends.

I seem to be stuck in a rut, longing for another good day of diving, which I know is right around the corner. I long for my Zen place. My disconnected, peaceful place. The place where I am the most “present”. I find myself easily distracted on land. Quick to pick up my stupid phone and check Facebook for mental noise or check for that “You’ve been selected for a $100,000 prize for doing nothing” email that I KNOW will be here any day now.

Let’s just face it. I’m addicted to diving. I’ve heard this phrase uttered by many others. Happily, some of them have been my students. And I didn’t really get it until recently. So yes, I am addicted to diving and I have no plans on joining Divers Anonymous. There are just some things in this life that it’s ok to be addicted to. Peanut Butter for example…

Diving is an outlet for me. A safe space to be “me” with no judgement and a healthy appreciation for what is around me. I get to see and feel and process that which is around me in the purest form. I’m also certain the fish don’t care what dive skin I’m wearing that day. The dolphins might. They are a judgmental bunch after all. We let it slide due to the cool factor they possess. So yeah, I’m addicted to diving. And I need my next fix……



I am a mom, wife and scuba diver in Sarasota, Fl and I love to share my experience with others. I'm hoping to inspire other women and moms to take the plunge into this amazing underwater world.