• Kendra Richardson

Why I Shamelessly Love the Shameless Mom Academy

Ok ya'll I REALLY need to talk about this next obsession! I love it so much, it takes up a lot of space in my head and I need to get that out by telling all of YOU! I am head over heels in love with the podcast "The Shameless Mom Academy"! Sara Dean is the creator and host of this fabulous program with the goal and passion to help other women "to live BIGGER, BOLDER and BRAVER " lives. Every damn day.

Let's be real here. I have a total girl crush. I have been a fan of this podcast for about two months now and I plan my weeks around a new podcast release. Sara brings up topics such as entrepreneurship, parenting, infertility, divorce, struggle, joy, hope and so. Much. More. The biggest, and most important thing that I get out of it, is that I'm not alone. So often us moms feel isolated, confused and even guilty. This podcast has shown me that we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER! She brings a certain "realness" to the table and is completely relatable. She offers a completely judgment free zone and her sarcasm runs strong. Traits I truly admire. She is not afraid to tell us that it's ok be an individual and a mom and that self care is essential. To say that I enjoy this is an understatement.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm fairly new at this blogging thing (dear god please subscribe friends!). I've have gotten some amazing action items, ideas for content and genuine fun out of the Shameless Mom Academy. Her posts are fun, her energy is infectious and I challenge any of you moms out there to not enjoy every second of her episodes!

Now run. RUN, over to her website at https://shamelessmom.com/ and checkout her podcast on whatever podcast service you use. And might I suggest, given the time of year and all, that you listen to "5 Uncommon But Super Effective New Year's Practices". It's a great way to start the new year off right!

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